Glass office partitions

Glass office partitions are a popular way to divide your office space. Diamond valley glass can install all aspects of office partitions – frameless
and framed. All of our office partition installations or replacements are carried out by qualified professionals who have years in this particular field. We work around your design specifications to deliver a truly amazing end product which completely satisfies all of your needs and desires. Our office partition installation services in both a commercial and domestic setting, perfect for whatever situation you may find yourself in.
With all the different office partitions on the market, it can be hard to make a thought out and reasoned decision when choosing which ones are best suited to your workplace. Once you have decided on the kind of office partitions you would like to use, you’re met with even more choices in colour and texture.
Frosted glass office partitions are just one of the types available, and they comeoffice partitions, room dividers, Melbourne
with many benefits:
If you have always loved the look of glass office partitions but just wished they
were a little more interesting, the frosted look is a great option for you. Once the
frosting has been applied to the surface, the glass takes on an etched or sand
blasted appearance (which can be expensive and difficult to maintain).
Regardless of the area that your frosted glass office partitions are used, they will
be able to withstand the general wear and tear of every day use. The frosted film
that is applied to the glass’s surface will not shrink, curl or bubble due to heat,
cold or even water. Maintenance even though they may not look it, frosted glass office partitions are amazingly easy to maintain. They are quick and easy to clean – the front just as you would clean glass windows and the back just needs a quick wipe with a damp cloth – and water has no affect on the film. It is also possible to remove the film without it tearing of leaving a glue-y residue on the surface of your partitions.
A lot of people are put off installing glass office partitions because they put employees in full view of everyone else. However, opting for frosted glass partitions will still allow the maximum sunlight penetration that you want from glass, as well as the privacy that your employees want from their work spaces.

Frosted glass office partitions are fortunate enough to suit almost every style and décor that could be found in your workplace. Whether your office is leaning towards the old and outdated or has just been renovating with the most up to date fittings, frosted glass partitions will be able to really tie the look together. It is also possible to have the frosting precut with designs, logos and signs, helping to add that extra creative flair to your workplace.

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